Student | Cooper Union
2019 - 2020

The primary objective of this studio is to design a series of interventions at the Cooper Union’s Foundation Building in order to re-create the relationship between the school and its surroundings. Given the unfortunate circumstances of covid-19, our studio took the opportunity to create two types of projects.

1. We pursued our interventions through design and representations through a storyboard based format.

2. Given the cessation of traditional in-person pinup and deskcrit format, our studio established a website to narrate our documentation, analysis, design process and representational experimentation of our interventions.

As the initial coordinator, I created the skeleton of the site to display our work and facilitate creative endeavors within the site hosting limitations. My studio collaborated in the final product:

I partnered with Javier Blancas to explore the south side of the foundation building as both of us were interested in transforming the southern boundary into a new urban lobby for the Cooper Union. We documented, analyzed and designed together in the first half of the semester. We continued to work together on alternative designs of our initial intervention. We intended on connecting the city to Cooper through the transformation and occupation of the Cooper Triangle.

My iteration attempted to bring out our studio culture into accessible public spaces by serving as a new urban lobby that collects pedestrians, students, and faculty into and out of the Cooper Union. Throughout the studio’s narrative-based representational exercises, I positioned significant elements, such as Peter Cooper's statue, Cooper's vaults, elevators, and stairs, to open up the institution to the city. Through a series of sketches, I looked at the new movements and sought different opportunities to navigate into the Foundation Building from the street into the belly of the building and up into our lobby spaces. This would form a Cooper Collective to celebrate the work and ideas produced in the Cooper Union.

Visit for documentation, analysis, drawings and writings.